HiFi stereo

Extraordinary DECT ultra sound create a new stage of wireless speaker.
Our solution can support small form factor micro size speaker, battery operated desk top speaker, bookshelf speaker, floor standing speaker and subwoofer.

5.1 surround

World’s only TRUE wireless 5.1 surround deliver high flexibility and easiest install surround set.
ONEmicro 5.1 is the smallest surround set that can cover a small room AV listening.

Home audio

All-in-one low cost home AV set solution. Combining wired main speaker, wireless surround speaker and wireless subwoofer. Excellent sound quality.

Simplest AV

2-in-1 combine subwoofer and main speaker in one unit. Separate subwoofer LFE channel for simple home 2.1 AV. Offering strong bass at 2.2 stereo mode.