All our software and hardware are 100% self-owned and self-developed by our in-house engineering team, no out source from third parties. You never find similar solution in the market.

> DECT protocol stack

We reformed DECT protocol for audio application :

  • Dynamic slot managment with prolong double slot
  • High accurate time stamp in S-field
  • Low jitter PID lock mechanism can achieve <0.1ppm
  • Dynamic data rate codec to maximum channel data bandwodth utilization
  • Support one-to-multi brodcast
  • Country support include EU DECT, US DECT, DECT6, JP DECT, SA DECT.

> Ultra low latency

Featured by DECT ultra low latency, product level latency of surround encoded signal from optical port to wireless speaker output is DTS ~55mS and Dolby ~75mS.

> DSP signal block

Audio decoder, programmable re-sampler/up-sampler, linear phase FIR filter, packet loss concealment, crossover filter design

> Zero error timing

  • High timing accuracy sync process to ensure up to 6 channels channel synchronization within 1uS
  • Linear phase filter and acoustic phase compensation ensure woofer and tweeter are perfectly in-phase
  • Time correction alignment in LFE channel to ensure subwoofer low frequency wave is superimpose on main channel

> Advance bass management technique

Handy size surround speaker can play full bodied sound, by use of subwoofer to play surround channels mid-low bass. Wide frequency response and linear phase subwoofer design is one of key factor.

> Full digital design

From input to wireless transmitter and wireless receiver to speaker output are full digital, no DAC in the signal path, DSP digital corssover filter. Result of no noise pickup and minium microphonic effect.

> Low cost Class D amplifier design for HiFi application

High efficient and low cost Class D amplifier with direct digital I2S input, no bulky heat sink, error-free signalling skill to remove digital “cool” sound

> Multi-stage battery managment

7 stage power mode to maximize power saving, a 1000mAH battery can have 20 hours play time

> WiFi SOC module

Self-manageable wiht full source code Linux based WiFi software for audio application
It is an audio router having input port DLNA, AirPlay, network player, USB audio, Toslink stereo and surround.

> Audio tuning : Sound timbre & sound profile

4 sound timbres in stereo play : warm, natural, clarity and comfort
3 sound profile to fit different sound source nature : stereo music sound, surround sound, TV sound

> Very low cost design

Single chip design, all-in-one firmware, support firmware upgrade, minimum of external component, full ATE production

Our transparent bookshelf speaker show wireless, simplest amplifier circuit, no heat sink, clean acoustic chamber, no bulky analogue components design. It is made by high level sound engineering work ! It can reproduce sound better than conventional wired speaker set with only 1/5 of price !