We provide wireless solution with HiFi sound quality

HiFi sound on DECT 1.9GHz channel

Channel exclusive 1.9GHz radio with dedicated DECT channel, interference free perfect clean channel for audio communication. Never has audio disturbance, no data bandwidth sharing, no radio devices collision, ultra low power consumption, long range at low radiation power.

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Redefine wireless HiFi sound

Over-come deep rooted problems in wireless speaker. High accurate timing characteristic in DECT protocol offer zero time error wireless communication, channel synchronization down to 0.5uS !

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Cover all product range

DECT wireless audio technology can apply to all kind of audio product : from basic to permium, stereo to surround, indoor and outdoor, home audio and commercial use.

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No cable in future, DECT audio is doorway to wireless audiophilia

True wireless means no speaker cable and no power cord. WiFi and Wisa can eliminate speaker cable, but can’t remove power cord. DECT ultra low power protocol enable battery powered speaker having 100 hours play time in sinlge charge.

Each DECT channel can carry up to 12 audio channels. Our 5.1.4 wireless surround set has 10 speakers wireless, no need for power plug installation and speaker cable placement.

Our audiophile grade bookshelf speaker can reproduce excellent sound quality better than conventional speaker set. Only 1/10 of material cost DECT speaker deliver 10 times of performance.

DECT single chip development board powered by Dialog Semiconductor

Next Steps…

Don’t think DECT is old school technolgy ! DECT protocol is particular design for audio communication which is the most stable wireless. DECT channel avalibaility is increasing result of demand shrinking in indoor DECT cordless telephone. Beauty of DECT audio technolgy must surprise you. We have developed HiFi stereo series and true wireless surround series product. Contact us to get more information.